Motivation in Motion

Rock My World is a digital health & fitness company changing the way people accomplish their goals.


Through the use of audio and visual media, we use patented technology and behavioral psychology to adapt content in ways that are proven to drive behavior change.


Whether you’re looking to complete a marathon, shed a few pounds, or simply live a healthier life, we engineer experiences that make reaching your goal not only attainable, but enjoyable.


“Impossible” is a dirty word. We are the tide that rises. Join us.

Adapting to your needs

We are enabling a world where content adapts to you, not the other way around.

Research-backed Solutions

We deliver content based on psychological and physiological principles proven to drive behavior change.

Simple Experiences

Our products facilitate goal accomplishment by creating simple, accessible experiences. We enable less thinking and more doing.

On-Demand Integration

Our SDKs offer flexible integration options and can already be found in some of the world’s top health and fitness products.

Converging Media And Technology

We measure performance and use media to drive results.

Machine Learning

We learn the effects motivational content has on performance, enjoyment and progression in real time. In as little as three exposures to a piece of media, we can deliver the right content at the right time to improve your likelihood accomplishing a goal.

Patented Modification

Our ability to drive tangible results has led to patents for algorithms and biometric data-based media modification.

Backed By Research

We leverage the expertise of independent, 3rd-party researchers to validate the efficacy of our products.


Steps Taken

We Master

the art and science behind behavior change.

We Believe

goal accomplishment is possible with the right tools.


Calories Burned


Workouts Completed

We Know

people expect content to adapt to them — so we do it.

We Deliver

the right experience at the right time for enchanced performance.


Heartbeats Registered

In The Press

Our Partnerships

  • Using RockMyRun on my treadmill has totally changed my workout experience. I love that I don’t have to take the time to create my own playlists, and I can easily find mixes that really motivate me throughout my workout.

    Becca Capell

    iFit Content ManagerICON Health & Fitness

    Becca Capell
  • We love using RockMyRun for all of our classes ... Our members love the variety - from top hits, 80s and 90s. Singing along aloud happens frequently! We will continue to use RMR at our studio!

    Carol Guntorius

    Studio ManagerOrange Theory Fitness

    Carol Guntorius
  • Rock My World creates products that keep my classes upbeat and energetic from start to finish. I need music that's timed for group fitness and kicks it up the moment my class starts to fatigue, which is exactly what I get. I couldn't teach without it!

    Dan Tragione

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Dan Tragione
  • I lost over 30 pounds, logged over 1,300 miles and my pace has improved from 9:30-9:45 min/mile to a consistent 8:00-8:15 min/mile. My secret? Hard work, of course, and RockMyRun!

    Scott Kennedy

    RockMyRun user

    Scott Kennedy
  • From the time I'm done warming up and start running to well after my cool down, this app keeps me going. In 4 months I've dropped over 50 pounds. That's mostly due to regular running, which is mostly due to RockMyRun!

    Ryan Jameson

    RockMyRun user

    Ryan Jameson
  • This app motivated me to become a marathon runner. It does all the work for me by providing the best stations to match my pace and personal taste. I just love it, and it goes with me everywhere!

    Mariana Sichel Resende

    RockMyRun user

    Mariana Sichel Resende

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