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Music that Powers Fitness


Expert Music Curation for Fitness

Rock My World specializes in the creation and delivery of DJ mixes for exercise activities. Our mixes are put together by professional DJs that have decades of experience curating the perfect sound for fitness. The result is upbeat music with seamless transitions between songs, guaranteed to improve performance and motivation.

Converging Music and Technology

We deliver music with technology that helps you find the music that motivates you.

Research-backed Solutions

We deliver content based on psychological and physiological principles proven to increase performance and enjoyment.

Adapting to your Needs

We create music products tailored for specific fitness activities, and we offer white-labeled, branded versions of our products.

Simple Experience

Our products facilitate goal accomplishment by creating simple, accessible experiences. We enable less thinking and more doing.

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RockMyRun motivated me to become a marathon runner. It does all the work for me by providing the best stations to match my pace and personal taste. I just love it, and it goes with me everywhere!



Mariana Sichel Resende

6 year RockMyRun user

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